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20 Charming And Cheap Mini Water Garden Ideas For Your Home And Garden

One of my favorite things in the world to do is to work on my landscaping. Whether I’m planting buds or involved in a huge DIY garden project, I merely love being outside and improving my outdoor living spaces. Plus, you know that the more work you put into your outdoors, the highest your curbing appeal, right? If you ever decide to sell your home, anything you do outside can severely help you to increase your listing cost. So with that said, I wanted to share with you these 25 charming little mini sea gardens that you can stimulate to spruce up your outdoors- or even your indoors if you prefer.



I love the water, which is why I adore any type of water feature. These little sea gardens are so perfect for adding a decorative touch to your patio or they’re also great for the yard. And, they’re the perfect sea feature for smaller yards that simply don’t have the space for full sized ponds. The great thing about these little gardens is they are very cheap to make and you can use a lot of recycled or otherwise repurposed things to construct them. If you do have the space and want to go all out for your sea garden, take a look at these 30 creative sea features that you could totally DIY in your open space.

I love having a large garden region but I is aware that not everyone has the space for full sized gardens and water features. That doesn’t mean that you can’t add some charm where you do have space, though, and these 20 mini water gardens are the perfect touching. Some of these can easily be placed indoors, too which gives you a wonderful home decor suggestion. Some of them can even comprise fish! Now, if you don’t have a large garden area and you want to add a gorgeous sea feature, this is definitely the listing of notions you need to see. Also, if you need some more suggestions on how to turn small-scale spaces into beautiful garden fields, be sure to check out these 40 space savvy small-scale garden ideas.

Now that I have you all excited to add some beautiful water gardens to your life, let’s take a look at these amazing ideas. You can stimulate many of these with things that “youre supposed to” already have around the house, which stimulates them even better. Take a looking and as always, let me know which one is your favorite. I can’t wait to hear how you’ve beautified your outdoors with a mini water garden!

1. Wine Barrel Mini Pond

A wine barrel cut in half makes a gorgeous mini pond and gives your deck or garden area a lovely rustic look. You can find wine casks at a lot of flea markets and thrift storages- or a winery if you have one close. Just cut it in half and then add your garden essentials to customize it.

Source/ Tutotial: scapeclub

Goldfish pond tutorial 😛 TAGEND


2. Tabletop Rock Mini Garden

This tabletop sea garden is made from a ceramic bowl and has lovely rocks to give it dimension and character. You can easily set one of these up, with or without the mini fountain, and only add your favorite water plants to give it greenery. You can find this one on Etsy for under $50 if you don’t feel like making one yourself.

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3. Stock Tank Mini Yard Pond

If you have the space and want to go a bit bigger with your sea garden, you can use a inventory tank to create a created yard pond. I adoration the idea of merely setting up a tank and then adding sea and plants, and you are able even paint the tank if you’re so inclined. You can pick these tanks up at any tractor or livestock supply store.

Source/ Tutotial:

4. Galvanized Bathtub Mini Pond

An age-old metal bathtub, kitchen sink, or just about any similar structure “wouldve been” perfect for creating your little mini sea garden. Merely specify it up and then add your sea and whatever flora you want to include. Add stones or glass items to add character and even a little fish or two if you want.

Source/ Tutotial:

5. Galvanized Metal Bucket Water Garden

Turn an age-old metal bucket, which you can pick up at any flea market or yard sale for really inexpensive, into a beautiful and very rustic mini sea garden. Just add a small water fountain kit and then fill the pail with boulders. You’ll hear the wonderfully relaxing voice of trickling sea whenever you’re near the bucket and this is a good one to do if you don’t really want to add plants.

Source/ Tutotial:

6. DIY Clay Pot Water Garden With Fountain

Clay pots are also a wonderful way to add sea features to your property. And, they’re pretty cheap at the Dollar Store. Just grab a few in different sizes and define them, adding a fountain to the mingle. You can add plants to the pots that aren’t upside down and fill the bottom with river rocks or glass stones. This is a great one for the deck or if you choose smaller planters, you could even put this one inside.

Source/ Tutotial:

7. Easy DIY Container Garden

So, receptacle sea gardens are the easiest way to add a water feature without going all out yard pond. You can even use plastic containers, which you can get at Big Plenties or the Dollar Store for under $20 in most cases. Then you simply need to add your plants and even a few small fish if you crave them. You can build this gorgeous outdoor mini water garden for less than $40 total.

Source/ Tutotial: whatsurhomestory

8. Contemporary DIY Water Garden

I love the contemporary look of this little mini sea garden and you are able to construct it for less than $30. You’ll necessity a watertight receptacle, a fountain pump, some concrete pavers for the edging, rocks and your water plants. Just dig a hole big enough for your receptacle to sit in and then work it like a regular pond. It’s a gorgeous little mini pond that will definitely add character to your garden area.

Source/ Tutotial: thegardenglove

Korakuen Garden in Okayama

9. Hypertufa Fountain Mini Water Feature

I love this hypertufa stacked millstone fountain. It would be so perfect for the garden area and you are able to pick it up on Etsy for less than $200. It’s made with Portland cement, peat moss, perlite, hypertufa and concrete. The fountain is perfect if you want that operating sea music and you are able decorate it with flowers all over the base if you wanted.

Source/ Tutotial: etsy

10. Easy DIY Mini Pond Box

If you don’t have a structure to use for your mini sea garden, only make one yourself. This container is really pretty and really easy to develop. It’s made from cedar and the entire looking is just so gorgeous. With a section for rocks and plenty of room for your water flowers, this is sure to be the perfect mini sea garden for your deck or patio.

Source/ Tutotial: bhg

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