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Whether you are a professional landscaper or a home gardener, keeping a garden looking its best requires the right tools and quality products. At Buttrose Landscape & Garden Supplies, we have a great selection of goods to help your garden look fantastic. We offer a range of landscape supplies in Willaston and stock some great products at great prices. Our expert staff can offer practical advice to help you achieve a beautiful new garden for your home.

Stop in at Buttrose Landscape & Garden Supplies today for great service and affordable gardening solutions.


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Soils at Gawler Landscaping

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Soils at Gawler Landscaping


At Buttrose Landscape & Garden Supplies, we can deliver your products straight to your door.
Deliveries available from 8am-4pm Monday to Saturday and 10am-3pm Sundays and public holidays.
Local Delivery – $18
Gawler, Evanston South, Gawler Belt, Gawler East, Gawler South, Gawler West, Hillier, Kalbeeba, Kudla, Reid, Concordia, Evanston, Evanston Park, Hewitt, Roseworthy and Willaston.

All other areas please ring us on 088-522-6022

If you only need a small amount of product why not take advantage of our free loan trailers. The loan trailer is not to be used for any other purpose than to move our products.

You will need tobook trailer, please ring us on 088-522-6022

At our site we have eftpos and cash sales available

When ordering over the phone we have credit card payments available or COD (Cash On Delivery)

Contact us on 088-522-6022


For further directions, ring us on 088-522-6022


Monday 7:00am–5pm
Tuesday 7:00am–5pm
Wednesday 7:00am–5pm
Thursday 7:00am–5pm
Friday 7:00am–5pm
Saturday 8am–4pm
Sunday 10am–3pm

Laying your ground covers and mulches by 75mm thick you will retain moisture and suppress your weeds.

For more information, please ring us on 088-522-6022


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  • Pave-Lok

    Helps retain integrity and stability of joint. Resists wash out after 30 minutes setting. Retards weed growth. Is quick and easy to apply. Minimises wind-blown joint erosion....

  • Work Boots

    Steel Blue Work Boots...

  • General Hand Tools

    Trowels Shovels...

  • Fertilizer Bags

    Fertilizer in Bags - 20kg 40kg...

  • Potting Mix

    65 litre bag...

  • Anti Bird Netting

    Ordered to your needs....

  • Chicken Wire

    Chicken wire - varied...

  • Weed Mat

    Plastic woven weed mat Sizes 50m weed mat 25m weed mat...

  • Mulch Mat

    Place under mulch to suppress weeds....

  • Builders Plastic

    Builders Plastic Sizes Black 2m x 100um Black 2m x 200um Black 4m x 100um Black 4m x 200um Orange 2m Orange 4m...

  • Concrete Sleepers

    Sizes 1.8 x 200 x 80mm Sleeper 1.8 x 200 x 100mm Sleeper 2 x 200 x 80mm Sleeper 2 x 200 x 100mm Sleeper 2.4 x 200 x 80mm Sleeper 2.4 x 200 x 100mm Sleeper...

  • Concrete Slabs

    Sizes 300 x 300 x 40mm 450 x 450 x 40mm 600 x 600 x 40mm...

  • PLS-250

    PLS-250 PAVE LOCK SAND polymer modified pave lock sand natural colour 20kg...

  • Speed Set

    20 kg Bag 30 kg Bag...

  • Pave Set

    30 kg Bag...

  • Mortar

    A quality blend of cement, graded sand & hydrated lime Excellent workability Good for small jobs – convenient & easy to use Covers 20 house bricks or 10 masonry blocks per 20kg bag (10mm morta...

  • Lime

    Available sizes 20 kg Bag...

  • Istra

    Calcium Aluminate Cement Hardener...

  • Instant Concrete

    Type GB blended grey cement is ideal for use in structural concrete, mortar, renders, grouts and cement based products. In particular it is often used in place of General Purpose Cement (Type GP) when...

  • Dried Sand

    20 kg Bag...

  • Cement

    20 kg Bag...

  • Brighton Lite Cement

    20 kg Bag Bulk Bag Bulk Pneumatic Tanker...

  • Wood Fire Kindling – Firewood

    10kg bag of kindling...

  • Red Gum Fire Wood

    Fire wood from red gum...

  • Top Dress Mix

    Top Dress Mix – Made by Gawler Landscaping on site...

  • Raised Garden Bed

    Made by Gawler Landscaping on site...

  • Jeffries Special Soil

    Jeffries Special Soil is perfect as a topsoil for new and existing garden beds and underneath roll-out turf....

  • Organic

    For Garden Beds...

  • Mixed

    Good for lawns, has chook manure added....

  • Sandy

    Sand and Loam...

  • Ocean Pearl Stone

    Larger sized stones than the 20mm cream...

  • White Stone

    Stone Colour  - White Size 7mm 10mm 20mm...

  • River Stones

    Flat 30 - 50mm Rounded River Stone...

  • 5mm Blue/Grey Stone

    Colour variant depends on how deep the stone has been quarried....

  • 7-14mm Grey Stone

    Size - 7-14 Colour - Grey...

  • Scoria


  • Cream Round Stones

    10mm Rounded Stone...

  • Cream Stone

    Cream Stone Sizes 7mm 10mm 14mm 20mm...

  • Moss landscaping Rocks

    Decorative garden rocks with moss in varying sizes...

  • Blue

    Blue Stone 14mm 20mm...